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Cracking Adobe Photoshop is a bit more involved, but it can be done. First, you’ll need to download a program called a keygen. This is a program that will generate a valid serial number for you, so that you can activate the full version of the software without having to pay for it. After the keygen is downloaded, run it and generate a valid serial number. Then, launch Adobe Photoshop and enter the serial number. You should now have a fully functional version of the software. Just remember, cracking software is illegal and punishable by law, so use it at your own risk.







Hi I’m a user of PS for years and I think that I can give a try to this camera raw program, since the previews are really nice and responsive, still I’ll have to catch up with Nikon updates! Thanks for the review, Regards

Lightroom 5 is by far my favorite RAW editor and I use it but not just for making images correction and tweaking of colors. I resize my images on the bracket scales, which is fine for prints, but I also need to do with its mobile devices

Great review!! It’s not surprising, I don’t think… Lighroom, the latest version with new features and simple and intuitive interface and great performance for photographers… that’s what the masses want to know! 😉 Best regards,

I read your article with pleasure, and I must say it is the best review of Lightroom I’ve got. In my opinion, taking into account the functionality, speed, responsiveness, user interface, etc., Lightroom 5 is the best product of world now. I had been using Photoshop, but with Lightroom I feel that I work with creativity and imaginations much better than with Photoshop. If you will like to learn about Lightroom, you may like to read articles at my blog:

I am a beginner photo editor who need a fast, easy to use ADOBE software. I have a Nikon D40 and take pictures with their default format. I use an old mac book with 2GHz processor and 3gb ram and this software is an essential magic in my life.

There’s a vast collection of brushes and gradients from Artistic to Historical to Nature and anything in between. Colors are easy to choose and edit. Most are offered only in precise colorations; you can’t apply them as a stroke.

There are various types of Photoshop tutorials out there. Tutorials can range from hundreds of pages to dozens of simple steps, and the choice of which one is right for you depends on how fast you want to go, how much time you have, your skill level, how much you’re willing to put in, etc. Regardless of your needs, we’ve provided you with the tools and well-written tutorials that will get you up and running at the speed best for you.

How can I find Photoshop tutorials?
If you’re intimidated by the length and complexity of Photoshop tutorials, this is a cheap and often effective alternative. Instead of thinking of a whole book, think of it as a series of articles on different topics you’ll need to cover in order to learn Photoshop on your own.

What type of Photoshop tutorial should I read?
If you are on a tight deadline, looking for something that you can fit into a few hours or a day, don’t think that you need to sit down and read through a tutorial. These quick-start guides will give you a head start (or put you on a fast track) on the deeper topics needed to support your work, so you can spend more time creating instead of reading.

To get started with Lightroom on the desktop or mobile version of Photoshop, open the camera from the top menu and choose Preferences. In the General tab, you can set the Import Settings accordingly to the file type you are working with in the camera.

What type of file format can I format my mobile phone, laptop, computer, and/or camera photos to?
Your pictures can be stored in any number of file formats depending on their original setting. If the picture is a JPEG then the original settings allow the picture maintain their format. Use the post-processing option in the Lighroom mobile app when needed. On “laptop” and “computer” devices after importing the picture, use the settings to have the right features for your needs.

What is the best way to adjust pictures?
Adjusting your pictures using Lightroom from a mobile device gives you complete control of what is happening in the editing process.


Photoshop now includes a fashion funnel, a print design tool that lets you see how your print design would look on the real page. This helps you to better understand the page design, typesetting and color balance, and to choose the best print solution.

The updated lineup of Adobe graphic editing tools features the ability to create a print funnel. The print funnel tool designates the full page portion of the print design so that a user can see design elements on a preview. This gives the user a chance to assess the quality of the print design before the actual printing.

Two new pens have been added to the drawing layer, including an Ink Pen and an Oil Pen. These are new additions to the drawing tools that come with CS6. The ink pen lets you draw the outlines and fill out the shadings of an object, while the oil pen lets you paint with oil paint. You can also use the brushes in the new line tool.

The latest editions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are available for Android and iPhone. The iPhone app is a universal app that has been optimized to work more efficiently on the iPhone 5. The new creativity and productivity apps are available for free on Google Play and iTunes.

In Photoshop, the Content-Aware Move tool now includes a contextual menu that lets you choose from either a Move or a Crop option when the Move feature is active. The Crop tool is also now available in the Quick Selection tool, giving users the ability to crop a selected area to a square shape.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements is the ultimate photo editing software for home users, designers and professionals. It is included with every computer on which Photoshop is pre-installed. Photoshop Elements gives you the tools to perform a myriad of basic and advanced photo editing and retouching tasks.

Besides being Adobe’s premier photo editing software—it is also an easy to use, powerful yet affordable photo editing software for any kind of images, including RAW and JPEG files, from home users to professionals.

Most of the features are built into Photoshop Elements, but you have new options available for individual program settings, such as enhancing your RAW files or creating custom looks for web and print.

Another mind-blowingly cool feature that reduces the time you spend perfecting your images with Adobe Camera Raw is Auto Enhance. Auto Enhance learns from your images and adapts to enhance them as if you took the photo yourself using a specific position, point of view and aperture. Have your say, and let Photoshop learn from your shots as if it was you who had taken them. Import images into Photoshop and in the Adjust menu click Enhance > Auto Enhance. You can also set Photoshop to reduce noise using Noise Reduction, sharpness with Sharpen (which can also be used in the web world to give any image a bit of a sharpness boost), saturation with Saturation and contrast with Contrast.

Adobe Photoshop Features are highly essential for graphic designers and photographers. The different graphic designing tools are used by the graphics designer or photographer to create an amazing and unique piece of art. Some of them are the following:

The version of Photoshop had important re-organization. All the Contents are now grouped under the name “ArtisticPSD”. After that, features like Content-Aware tool and Content-Aware Move are added to the toolbox. This tool reshapes or move images or layers, without disturbing the content. There are a lot of new features added to the image editing toolbox like “Flow Document“, “Rotate”, “Trim” and many more. There are a few new updated commands in this version that provide more functionality. For instance, the new command is “Foreground and Background” that lets you choose the colors for the image and the background. And the introduced command “Guides” make it easy for the user to align the shapes.

The content-aware tool is newly added and provides easy access to unite images or layers. The layers can be resized, merged, moved or even moved to another position. In this version, all functions can be accessed in the number pad.

The crop tool, retouch and filters options are some of the best-novel features in all the versions of photoshop. The custom shape tool is also a great addition and makes it easier for the user to create an expressive artwork.

The Smart Object tool offers better quality and free up unnecessary size. All the selections and tools from Adobe Photoshop Elements are available in Photoshop, and it also has some special features like “folders”, “transform”, and “nodes”. The Alpha channel provides a significant change to the coloring of the image. And, layer masks are some of the main features in this version. It helps in hiding or seeing specific layer in the output.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 is a simple, versatile, and powerful solution that delivers the rapid creation of great images and graphics to anyone. It can help users produce beautiful photos from start to finish, from the moment they connect the camera to their computer. Elements now also offers the start of new features in the 2020 version of the Creative Cloud Photography app. Users will now be able to shoot with the camera, apply edits, and share directly to social media. The camera and social media integrations provide a streamlined workflow from the moment people take their photos.

Photoshop features hundreds of industry-standard plug-ins to transform images and make them look as they should in any situation. Plug-ins provide tools for adjusting color balance, sharpness, and toning, among many other adjustments. Photoshop’s plug-in suite also gives you access to features that improve every aspect of your photos, including organizing your library and finding and fixing problems in your images. You can even use a plug-in to enhance your portrait so you can make the most of smiles, expressions, and other special moments.

Most pro photographers won’t need Photoshop. Photoshop Elements gives you a powerful set of tools straight from the get-go, and millions of consumers worldwide use it every day to produce and edit their own photos. Photoshop Elements 11 features a streamlined, visual user interface, supporting a variety of projects, web design, and social media using an adaptive color palette. Elements now displays and edits files from popular online and mobile services in a consistent way, making it easy to see and share your work. A simple way to start spinning out amazing photos in a snap is as easy as tapping.

The new host-based intelligent suggestions in Photoshop CC both improve the speed of using the application and extend Photoshop’s intelligent features without the need to ever interrupt the user. Intelligent Suggestions allow Photoshop to learn the way users work so they don’t have to be constantly thinking about what needs to be done. This builds on improvements of the previous release that now include intelligent layouts improvements, such as auto-aligning layers, and auto-sizing for different image sizes.

Adobe Sensei is integrated into Photoshop CC Beta, which helps to accelerate real-time AI and machine learning features that are part of the software. Adobe Sensei is the first deep learning-based content intelligence platform and blurs the boundaries between software and algorithms to help people solve everyday tasks, understand everyday objects and harness powerful machine learning technology to make creative decisions.

Adobe Sensei is built on the world-class AI technology used by industry leaders including Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Baidu, and Microsoft. The technology is based on the latest research on neural networks, natural language processing and machine vision. With a network of more than 200 advanced processing units, Adobe Sensei is able to make informed suggestions about the best way to remove a tear from a photo, or illustrate a comic book page with thousands of unique comic book panels.

With the Photoshop desktop app, the new Shared Content Cache lets users download, browse and share content from around the web. This feature enables file mirroring for speed and convenience, so users can open a file the same way they open it every day. Once the file is opened again in Photoshop, the Shared Content Cache is automatically updated, which speeds up sharing time.

As part of the release today, Adobe launched three major applications – Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Touch – to enable users to create on any surface. Photoshop has become one of the most sophisticated creative tools because it can be used on any device, anywhere. With new hybrid features that enable a new degree of editing agility, and seamless sharing and connection across devices, Photoshop can now be used to create on a phone, to edit and share on a laptop, to work with collaborators to iterate on a canvas tablet or to create web-based content on a desktop.

Pioneer: For the past eight years, Adobe has made powerful image editing accessible to more people with the introduction of Photoshop. Now, with the release of Photoshop Creative Cloud today, we are reinventing Photoshop as a hybrid creative platform that is at the center of digital production for any surface. The result of this collaboration is a new edition of our most robust image editing tool and focus on all the components of the digital production. This combination of “photographic” innovation and the ability to edit any device has never been done before. Join us as we redefine the way people work and unleash the world’s imagination.
Adobe Photoshop Features

Hybrid: With the new Photoshop Creative Cloud, you can be connected to your images at all times, regardless of the surface. Through innovative hybrid features, you can work on a Windows desktop and edit images on a phone, tablet or even a wearable, or vice versa.

The company has also added a few new features to the Organizer. It has a new easy Suggestion panel for finding new items that can be used to automatically perform actions on images, such as straightening, and of course, for accessing all the effects and presets that you’ve created that can be applied to any image in the Organizer as well.

Use this page as a quick reference to some important product features:

  • About Photoshop
  • Photoshop online help
  • What is Photoshop Creative Cloud
  • Photoshop Language
  • Photoshop CS6 help
  • iWork ?

Photoshop Elements 8 makes it easy to add professional-grade features to those photos and images stored in your computer, mobile phone, or cloud-based storage service. Whether you’re interested in adding effects to your photographs, creating a slideshow, fixing old family pictures, or working with your entire digital life, Photoshop Elements covers the tools you need in one program–and more.

Photoshop previously supported a second display to enable the simultaneous editing on two displays, but you had to buy a special adapter for that. With the release of Photoshop CC, this limitation has been eliminated, and you can apply Photoshop CC actions and adjust Layer Styles to match the display on which you’re working.

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool for photo-editing and other types of image-processing work. With CC, you can not only use the most advanced features available but also make processing your images easy by applying high-powered actions that automate entire processes from start to finish. When you need superior control and speed, surefire ways to get the job done are made even better, and more powerful, by using a tool that never misses a beat.

Besides great image editing features, Adobe Photoshop is popular for its extensive feature set. It has features and tools which are useful in the everyday design work, such as the ability to paste duplicate Photoshop files to modify them without actually opening them, Adobe Camera Raw as a location for editing RAW files. The Photoshop name is even used here as the strongest feedback button on the MP3 player app. However, Photoshop is so famous for its image editing power that it has become synonymous with photo editing. To become an industry standard image editor, Adobe has to evolve in terms of access to more powerful tools, so that users don’t feel the need to update to a new version of Photoshop every six months.

If Photoshop wasn’t the first and most important image design tool on the market, it would still get its share of fame thanks to the abundance of the other powerful tools and features it offers. Photo editing has become so popular that it is one of the most sought after skills among graphic designers. I post this list of top 10 Photoshop features in this article compiled through the years. Even though I know there are still more powerful features out there, I believe that these tools will last, and can be a gateway for users to explore other powerful technologies as well. Furthermore, these can be applied by the users in a variety of ways as some of them are not merely photo editing tools.

If Photoshop weren’t for photo editing, it would still be a powerhouse; full featured. Instead it’s Photoshop’s amazing image editing and design tool that is popular all over the world. If Photoshop weren’t for photo editing, it would still be a powerhouse; full featured. Instead it’s Photoshop’s amazing image editing and design tool that is popular all over the world. There are specific features that make it great. It’s easy to use, it’s hardware independent, it’s got incredible correction tools, it’s got the latest and greatest conveniences, and it’s got an active community of fans. And, of course, it is supported by Adobe for a very long time.

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