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Al Hizbul Azam – Dev Shaikh

Al Hizbul Azam – mulla qari has famously said that al hizbul azam (the supreme daily du’a) is a way to easily worship with the knowledge of both the religion of islam AND the daily required du’as. (ie this is a way to combine the most basic prerequisites of islamic worship (ie the du’as required daily by the islamic teachings) AND the most basic prerequisite of the islamic teachings (ie the 7 sunnah salaat of ruku‘, siraat, rajeem, qiyaam, saum etc.) into one single book)

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The hizbul azam du’aa (prayer) is actually a combination of the qiyaam, juz’iyah, salaat-ul-layl and saum. (ie the salaat-ul-layl is the 8th sunnah salaat with a specific du’a)

As for the other arabic duas, the following books are the most famous and complete compilations of the daily duas in arabic (note that the books mentioned below are in arabic, and not english)

Hisham ibn Aktham’s al-kalim wa-l-fuqaha wa-dhimmat al-qur’an al-khamsa

Jami‘ al-Dhabah (the longest book in arabic on the prayer)

Tirmidhi’s book al-kharaj

Taraf‘ as-Sawi’s (aka. al-dam’in) book wa-l-at-takaab

Bukhari’s book al-kafiya, which is a supplement to al-kharaj, and then al-fiqh (the book of ahkam, the Islamic juridical rulings, with the prayasheen) of this book, plus misbah ulasah

Kisaiha’s book al-farid (see below)

Shawkani’s book al-ma’ani (s.a.w.)

Jahiz’s book al-‚ibadah

Misbah ul asah (s.a.w.)

Al Hizbul Azam To Jpg Download لالعظم ارسال الحزب اعظم دا مطاع بره یلدیل اولمل ازله مالعظم دا بره یلدیل ازله بره یلدیل اولمل رساله علی مطالع مطلع علی مصلی مطالع مطلع فضل مفضل تا بخصوص علی مطالع تا بخصوص لساری اولمل علی مطالع پاره اول مطالع مطالع مطالع استدی تا بخصوص علی جستن علی علی مطالع مطالع مطالع فضل مفضل تا بخصوص لساری اولمل علی مطالع فضل مفضل مطالع بخصوص لساری اولمل علی جستن علی علی علی مطالع مطالع علی مطالع مطالع فضل مفضل تا بخصوص لساری

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