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Why is Gaze.union so slow?

Apparently there is no support for directly querying whether a gazetteer contains a given UUID because the method Gaze.union is ridiculously slow. I have traced it down to a single line of Lucene:
IndexReader.Open(IndexReader reader, _index, true);

And this is the EXPLAIN:
„query“: {
„bool“: {
„filter“: {
„bool“: {
„should“: {
„term“: {
„user_id“: {
„value“: „1“
„info“: „Documents default_search_scroll_id=0“

I looked through the code of Gaze and a couple of parts of Gaze.DSL which do not involve this index reader open. I tried to use the CLI to create a simple index with values and when I go to do a union query with the user ID I get one result on the first key. If I search with other keys I get no results. Not one result.
There must be a way to directly search on the index or query the index directly, but I am too dumb to figure it out.
This is the search data file.


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