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I’m a fan of the series so far and I’m actually already watching season 4. So far, I like S1, S2, and S3 but I didn’t even like the first one because the beginning was so slow. Should I watch them in order or should I just go ahead and start watching the fourth one?


I like them in order. It’s more convenient to have all the episodes available at once. With Netflix, for example, you get episodes days after they air. For the American TV reruns, there are episodes that aren’t available until after the show airs.
If you are having a hard time getting into the show, then go ahead and watch the first season.
You should already have all of the DVDs available, if you have season 1. And you can buy season 3 on right now.

As for your question:

Should I watch them in order or should I just go ahead and start watching the fourth one?

It doesn’t really matter. The only thing that is more convenient is watching all four at once so you have all of them ready to watch.
You can watch them in any order you want, but the four-episode season is on Netflix now, so watch all of those first, or watch them all later. You’ll have them all when you need them, which is why I like Netflix best of all for my TV show needs.
I think some of the best TV shows are shows that don’t have that „in order“ issue. Breaking Bad has an entire season available on after it airs on TV.
Although some shows in this type of series have „bailed episodes“, which is the episode that is missing. If they never find them, people just never see them and the episode is out of circulation. It depends on the show and the medium.
I like the convenience of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu Plus. And, I like the ability to put episodes all in one place, such as on my hard drive, rather than having to hunt and peck for episodes when they don’t show up all at once.
Oh, and the show I’m watching now on Hulu Plus, The Bridge, has a lot of Bail Episodes.

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