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Error reading data from pandas dataframe

I have a dataframe with columns „userid“, „IP“, „session“, „devices.regarded“ and „users.distinct“
When I try to read the data from this dataframe using a code like this:
df = pd.read_csv(‚./data/ip.csv‘)

I get the error:

ValueError: could not convert string to float:

It is not possible to convert this string to a float so I’m looking for a way to turn this into a string. I tried some solutions like stripping non-numerical character, but I still don’t manage to change this error.
The file contains the data below:


replace multiple spaces (\s+) in IP column with one space (^) and you should be good to go:


df = pd.read_csv(‚./data/ip.csv‘, sep=’^‘, header=None, names=[‚userid‘, ‚IP‘,’session‘, ‚devices.regarded‘, ‚users.distinct‘], skiprows=1, squeeze=True)

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