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.. Narrated by a dung bu (The donkey bu) Majnun says that his father quarrelled with his mother because of his bad character. ‚Sheshmo dumdo re . Download Layla and Majnun PDF Ebook The story of Layla and Majnun has been known by people of Persia since the era.
The novel, written in 12-14hud, is the best known and most important example of Nizami’s prose. The main ideas of the epic take place in Layla’s house in Layla’s (layla is ‚Laila‘ in Arabic) house.. There, the lovers can be envied in their happiness. The lovers are content to share the troubles of life, because they .Download Layla and Majnun. Nozomi Doi: Kansai University.
However, this is only one version of the story. There are two versions of Laila and Majnun story. One version is called Balî-Pôstakâ. The other version is called Laylâ-Majnûn. êlù(H)õnk (Arabic -4). Ø ân nõy (H)õnk (Arabic -5). This book can be download at no cost.Contemplation on Laila Majnun by T.
This is not the one and only version of the Laila and Majnun story. There is a book called Balî-Pôstakâ, which is the main version of Laila and Majnun story. While the other version is called Laylâ-Majnûn. However, the story is similar in both versions. Just there are some minor things that are not the same.Nizami’s Laila and Majnun Laila and Majnun was written by the Nizami clan.His sons, some of his grandsons and the grandsons‘ sons have written in prose and poetry books, such as Laylâ and Majnûn. For example, the most famous version of the story is Laylâ and Majnûn by Muhammad Iqbal. Another version of the story is by Altaf Hussain. This book was published in print in 1742 A.D. in


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