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EulerGUI is a lightweight IDE specially designed for Artificial Intelligence.
The sources can be N3, RDF, OWL, UML, eCore, plain XML or XSD, files or URL’s. Wraps Drools (or CWM, FuXi) as N3 rules engines and provides a model based application generation.
Internally everything is expressed in the convergence language N3, that allows to express facts, classes and properties, and rules.







EulerGUI 19.0.025 Crack Free Download [32|64bit] [Updated-2022]

* The component provides many tools, such as a textual editor, a graphical editor, a list view, an inspector, a visualizer, an editor for ontologies, a spreadsheet, a modeler, a print, a help viewer, a shell, a web browser, a console, and more.
* The IDE can run as a stand alone application, or inside Eclipse (but in that case you need to install the model)
* Includes plug-ins for editors (OO, RDF, XML), modelers (MAD, OWL, SHACL, XSD, ANTLR, Eclipse language templates, XMI, Turtle), visualizers (SPARQL, XPath, Jena, RapidMiner, RDBMS, ACID properties, JBoss Tools, N3, SHACL, HTML, XML, DTD, XSD, ERB), converters (CC, F3), logic engines (FuXi, N3, RDF, OWL, RDF/OWL/N3).
The last releases of EulerGUI Free Download:
17/04/11 – EulerGUI Crack Free Download 0.7
Main Changes:
* Introduced a new component: the RDF Converter that allows to convert RDF and OWL models. Supports writing and reading RDF/XML, RDF/N3 and RDF/OWL; RDF/XML and RDF/N3 are compatible.
* Added a new component: the Editor for RDF ontologies that allows to use RDF ontologies as rules. Supports writing RDF, XSD, XHTML, OWL, SHACL, and RDF/OWL; only XSD and XHTML are supported.
* Added the new Editor for XSD, a W3C specification language that allows to create and use XSD files.
* Added the model inspector that allows to select the classes and properties used by the model.
* Added the model inspector that allows to select the classes and properties used by the model.
* Added a new component: the Editor for ontologies that allows to add new classes, properties and relations. Supports writing XSD, XHTML, OWL, SHACL, RDF/OWL.
* Added a new component: the RDF converter that allows to convert an RDF or OWL model in XML (RDF/XML or RDF/OWL/XML).
* Added a new component

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A Java IDE designed to use together the N3 model-based technology.
It provides syntax highlight, auto complete, ctrl+space, refactoring, code generation, object modeling and other features.
It also includes the N3 Language Runtime (N3LR) that allows a java program based on the N3 language to be generated. The IDE also has an Eclipse-like user interface

CodeNester is an IDE for bioinformatics, genomics and genetic engineering.
It supports the following languages: Java, N3, SBML, C, GGF, C#, and Visual Basic.
It includes code generation for the following bioinformatics tools:

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EulerGUI 19.0.025 Crack

EulerGUI is a N3 (standalone) based IDE (Integrated Development Environment),
a rapid development environment for Artificial Intelligence (AI).
It allows
– quickly create and execute models (also large models)
– give a full and realistic console view of your project
– generate code (in Java, C++, Groovy, Clojure) for your model
– generate diagrams
– manipulate and edit facts
– generate snippets of code
– design your model on screen.
User can design, iterate and edit models with interactive graphical tools.
Then, he can use code generators to generate the final code for his model.
Also it is possible to generate the code for a model without writing a single line of code.
EulerGUI integrates well with Drools (CWM, FuXi) as there is a built-in data source (XML/XSD) with which your model can be manipulated. You do not need any configuration and you can use the generated model within EulerGUI.
EulerGUI includes basic components:
* model creation
* simple model editing
* code generation for C++, Java, Groovy, Clojure, JRuby
* data source editing (XML/XSD)
* code snippets
* design mode
* managed model management (get/modify/delete)
* simple console
* model validation
* project management
* unified workspace management
* file renaming
* find-in-files
* unified property management (parsing/manipulating)
* comprehensive documentation (also for the internal language N3)
* model indexing
* internal web service
* model persistence
* changes tracking
* incremental model merge/manipulation
* model rebinding
* model execution
* undo/redo
* project settings
* external plugins
There are a lot of additional components included in EulerGUI (it is still under construction):
* model code generator
* code snippets
* search engine
* project explorer
* model indexing
* model editing
* model administration
* model manipulation
* model repository
* unified workspace management
* model locking
* model versioning
* model modification tracking
* model comparison
* model migration
* collaborative workspace management
* bug tracking
* model administration
* model versioning
* model modification tracking
* workspace synchronization
* global plugin selection
* external auto-complete
* external file

What’s New In?

eulerGUI is a program for creating and working with models defined in N3. It supports almost all types of ontologies and provides a very natural user interface for creating models and applying the rules defined in those models to some data.

See also
Model-based programming
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Express router that redirects to custom path

I’m trying to create a simple express router that should catch the request path and redirect to an already existing static path. But it seems like express does not listen for the custom redirect path that I’m passing to it.
What I’m trying to achieve:
-> should be caught by my custom router and redirected to
-> redirect to

Here’s my code:
var express = require(‚express‘),
router = express.Router(),
app = express();

router.use(function (req, res, next) {
var redirectedRoute = ‚/hello‘;

if(req.originalUrl.split(‚/‘)[1] === ‚/‘ + req.originalUrl.split(‚/‘)[1]) {
} else {


app.listen(3000, function () {
console.log(‚running on port 3000′);

I get an empty response and a ’net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME‘ on the client when calling How to fix this?
EDIT: I use the latest express (3.0.0) version


The problem was that I was using relative path for redirecting. When I fixed that it works fine.

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System Requirements For EulerGUI:

OS: XP 64-bit, Vista 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Intel Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard disk space: 3 GB
DirectX: Version 9.0
Gamepad: Keyboard and/or Gamepad
Additional Notes: Requires you to install the official game engine.
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i5, 3.4 GHz or better
Memory: 4

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