Mohra Movie Download In Hindi Hd Kickass 720p [HOT]

Mohra Movie Download In Hindi Hd Kickass 720p [HOT]


Mohra Movie Download In Hindi Hd Kickass 720p

Mohra movie download in hindi hd kickass 720p Watch Srikant Mohta Movie in Hindi Language.. Shadow-Kickass. Danish Dead Man Full Download [1080p-720p-BluRayrip-Danish].Could eating more calories cause more money for the federal government? That’s what a new study has uncovered.

Working in concert with the federal government, in which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) played a leadership role, the National Academy of Sciences did an economic impact study to assess the influence of diet on the federal budget.

It looked at how far more resources would be needed to maintain a healthy population and whether the budget would be affected by the inevitable higher costs associated with eating better. The conclusion is that if everyone cut back by 10 percent on their diets (they were taking in an average of 2,400 calories a day) by 2018, the economy would see a savings of $15 billion a year. That would be about $45 billion annually in 2018 dollars.



At the current pace, the CDC reports, obesity and its associated diseases alone will cost the government billions of dollars each year.

The study’s authors, which included some lawmakers, determined that while social costs (concerns about lost productivity, health-care dollars and higher homicide rates) were higher, the budgetary cost was greatest. There was an $11 billion increase in federal health-care costs, and the additional costs associated with unemployment, lost productivity, fire safety and other medical costs would cost the government an additional $6 billion.

So an average family of four would save about $1,500 a year if they all ate less than 2,400 calories a day.


“Congressional costs are likely to grow with an increase in the number of people who struggle with obesity,” says lead author Kim Cobb, a professor at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. “The resulting increase in welfare spending could make it harder to control health-care costs and to deal with the costs of retirement programs.”


Cobb says it would be too early to tell whether or how changes in eating habits would affect employment, income and wages.

“The study is important because we really don’t know what the economic implications of obesity will be or how it will affect various markets,” says Cynthia Ogden, a nutrition professor


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