Rotronic Usb To Serial Parallel Driver PORTABLE ✋

Rotronic Usb To Serial Parallel Driver PORTABLE ✋


Rotronic Usb To Serial Parallel Driver

Rotronic Usb To Serial Parallel Driver d95d238e57 .
usb serial to rs-232 compatible convertor driver download.
Rotationnica Usb To Serial Converter. the Usb cable and starts installing on the computer. In the.
USB Serial Converter Cable RS-232 Usb Port Micro Phone Drivers Download For Any. present in such driver CD, then the drivers are automatically installed.. Please download the driver from the link.Q:

Setting the value of a jquery select menu depending on a variable

The following is my first use of jquery. I am trying to write some code that says „if the value of the select menu is ‚1‘, then show the first option of the drop down menu (option 2), and if it is ‚2‘, then show the second option and so on.. I am not sure how to do this. I can set the text of the option to whatever I want with the following code but I want to set the option with a variable.
EDIT: figured it out. I am using php to grab the variable from a database. Thanks for the help guys!
$(‚#option2‘).text(„Option 2″);



If you’re using PHP to obtain the variable you’re interested in, use PHP to set it:
$(‚#option2‘).text( );

If you’re not doing that, you’ll probably want to use the.val() function:

It will then automatically bind to the change event and update the value.

Here’s an example in jsfiddle:


You should try:

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Rotronic RS232-to-USB Cable – Page 6. The driver is for your computer. Not all files available for download appear or are accessible due to licensing terms.
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