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Scale Changer takes a MIDI file and play it with various scales and tunings. Tuning modified Midi can be saved and played with any Midi play software such as Windows Media Player.
Your creations:
You can store any key, and over 500 or more scales on your hard drive. You can even modify them in real time. So it’s not a ‚one size fits all’…
Why use Scale Changer Pro?
Why not just use the Scale Changer?

1) I’m lazy.
2) It’s fun to play scales on an instrument.
3) I can’t use the Scale Changer.
4) I want to be able to modify the scale of any scale that I play.
5) I’d rather not use a sound card.

How does Scale Changer work?
The Scale Changer creates a sequence of note data that is read by a virtual synth. The synth takes a scale and a set of modulations (hold, vibrato, or tremolo) and plays the scale at a modulated pitch. It is like a MIDI sequencer, but without the song… yet!
If you have a MIDI file from a MIDI controller, you can play it, or the Scale Changer can play it, in any program or on your synth. In the Scale Changer, simply select a MIDI file that you have stored on your hard drive and a sequence of scales is played. It plays the scale in the order that you specify. Once the sequence is over, the Scale Changer is done. You have unlimited sequences.
To modify a sequence, select the MIDI file, then select a scale to modify.
To play a sequence, select the MIDI file, then select a scale to play.
To learn how to create your own scales, take a look at the Scale Changer.
To learn how to modify a sequence, take a look at the Scale Changer.
To learn how to play a sequence, take a look at the Scale Changer.

Watch video clip on how to use the Scale Changer Pro.

How do I create and save a sequence for the Scale Changer?
Scale Changer uses MIDI files to save, play, and modify a sequence of notes.

Save A Sequence:
You can save any MIDI file (either your own created file, or a MIDI file from a

Scale Changer Pro Crack

KEYMACRO is a simple MIDI Keyboard Macro Editor.
With KEYMACRO you can record and play back the keyboard actions that you assign to MIDI or UPD files.
Keyboard actions are specified by the channel, data and device of MIDI and UPD files. These actions can be: key down, key up, play, stop, mute, select, assign, make hot, end, reset and the like.
When you record a keyboard action, it is assigned to a song and starts playing it when that song is played. You can also assign KEYMACRO keyboard actions to other MIDI or UPD files and assign the recording to other songs.
KEYMACRO supports Midi-Synthesizers, Keyboards, Drum-Pads and Drum-Kits. You can assign over 100 keyboard actions to MIDI files.
With the optional KeyDelay feature, you can specify delays between notes in a file. For each type of note you can specify a delay: sequential, pair, triple, pause, line. You can specify a delay between any two keyboard actions, so you can build cool sequences and routines easily.
You can use MIDI to program your keyboard actions, or you can use the Key-Sequencing feature in which you define your own sequence of keyboard actions.
KEYMACRO can record and play MIDI files or UPD files. You can save and recall the UPD file recordings in the UPD format, or you can record MIDI files with the Windows Media Player.
KEYMACRO is a lightweight and simple product, but it packs a lot of power.
Have fun playing and recording with KEYMACRO.
What’s New in Version 4.0.11:
– MIDI files and UPD files now remember their scale and tuning.
– Improved the UPD file saving.
– Change the key chart in settings to work with a QWERTY or US keyboard.
– Improved MIDI file naming.
– Improved MIDI file and UPD file saving.
– Improved the loading UPD files from a text file.
– Improved the USB transfer rate.
– Improved the installation process.
– FIXED: Scales & Tunings missing in the sequence.
– FIXED: Scale changed randomly when „No Change“ is selected.
– FIXED: Mute setting were not saved and played back.
– FIXED: The save file were not copied.
– FIXED: Changed the default Midi-Host Device back to Yamaha

Scale Changer Pro Keygen Full Version

Scale Changer is a musical instrument for Windows, which
changes the scale of a MIDI file while preserving the original pitch. The original MIDI can be saved as a WAV file, or played with any software like Windows Media Player.
Scale Changer Pro is a professional version of Scale Changer, that includes a number of additional features. Take a spin with it to find out what makes it the professional version!

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What’s New In Scale Changer Pro?

The release of the Guitar Equalizer Pro software shows what is possible with a software instrument.
It is designed to give any player the ability to change the frequency response of any instrument without turning it into a digital equalizer.
It is useful for making very flexible live performances.
It can be used with any instrument, whether guitar or not.
It is ideal for playing along to music you hear on the radio.
You can use it just as an ordinary guitar freeware or if you prefer as a plugin for other digital instruments such as Steinberg Cubase.


Powerful freeware guitar

If you want to use this software on any instrument, whether guitar or not, it’s hard to find a more powerful software instrument than the Guitar Equalizer Pro.

On top of that, this freeware program is a real, not a fake, feature packed instrument.

What’s in it for you?

You may think that nothing comes for free and you will need to make your purchase to get the full version of this freeware program, but this is absolutely false.

The only thing that you need to buy to get this powerful guitar freeware is a MIDI keyboard.

Why buy a MIDI keyboard to use Guitar Equalizer Pro?

It’s true, you won’t need any MIDI keyboard to use this freeware program.

What you need is a MIDI interface, which is a MIDI In port.

Once you’ve connected your MIDI interface to your computer via a MIDI cable or using MIDI Out port, you will be able to use this freeware program with any MIDI instrument, whether keyboard or not.

How to use this freeware

Step 1: Import your song to play

One of the most powerful features of this freeware is that you can use it to play any song you want.

You can use it just like any other Midi instrument, to play along to any song or record it, or use it as a tuner, etc.

You can use it with any music or DAW software you wish, just drag the MIDI file you want to play into the software.

It will automatically play that MIDI file at the scale and tempo you have selected.

Step 2: Changing the instrument’s scale and tuning

One of the most powerful features of this freeware is that you can change the instrument’s scale and tuning.

Before you play it, you can modify the note layout of the instrument or even choose any scale you like.

Once you’ve selected your scale, you can use any of the following parameters to change the scale and tuning.













System Requirements:

– Microsoft Windows 7
– 8 GB RAM
– Intel i5-3330, 2.3 GHz
– Intel i5-3570, 3.3 GHz
Special Notes:
– Mac OS users must use Bootcamp for OS support.
– Bootcamp must be installed on a separate volume and unmounted at the time of installation of the game. This helps avoid conflicts with system software and enables the game to be properly updated

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