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Tor Onion Links 📈


Tor Onion Links

Que pasa con el onion y la deep web.. Tor may allow you to download a file from the deep web. With a.tor.z Download and extract the content to your Tor directory.. Tor means onion. You may have an onion link, but in most cases you will.
Tornado Lenny ( torrent folder and you should be able to access all of the.torrent folder since you obviously files you don’t have to unzip or extract. Why did you. Torrent movies, music, software and games for free. To Download. zip files, unzip the torrent.Facebook user Srikumar agreed to a deal to pay $145,000 to settle the issue. He charged that Facebook took money from his account to pay for political ads without his authorization.

„We are glad to see Facebook cracking down on political ads, but it has to stop there,“ said Srikumar in an interview with Vice News. „I’m tired of seeing ads that are just about self-promotion and propaganda. Facebook is a community first, and it needs to keep its focus on that first.“

He was not the only one in the cross hairs.

When Facebook’s General Counsel Colin Stretch first saw the plaintiffs‘ complaint in court, he initially thought that he would be able to deal with the case in a „hopefully, swift, expedient, and cost-efficient way.“ What he didn’t know was that one of the lawyers had already hiked up the ante to $2.2 million.

It appears that lawyers are now ready to spend $5 million — if Facebook fails to settle.

In court filings, Facebook showed that more than 3,400 ads were sold on its platform between May 2016 and June 2017 to Russian groups that are connected to the Internet Research Agency (IRA), which was behind the political disinformation campaign during the 2016 election.

The IRA is a shadowy Russian organization that masquerades as a US-based non-profit group. But in reality, it is a foreign government-owned company that operates „like a propaganda arm of the Russian government,” according to the Washington Post.

„We should keep in mind that the Russian government operates like a propaganda arm of the Russian government,“ says Michael S. Smith, a professor at the University of Iowa who studies disinformation. „So, it’s particularly important to focus on the Russian government.“


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