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Also in this problem, nothing happens after the password is typed and pressed. When I open my RegEdit program and search for an event to see what’s happening when I type in the password, it says „Nothing“.
I am trying to open a.pst file that I imported to Outlook.
I am unable to open my.pst file with Outlook because I can’t get the password correct.
I have tried signing in with another computer and it worked.


try this steps and then try:
1. go to: My Documents/outlook and then go to the file(s) you want and then in explorer select the option „show hidden files“ (this will show hidden files which were set via some „hidden“ option)
2. then type the password there and then try to open the file.


What is the output of „Make/RM“ in *nix?

When we run the command „make“ or „rm“ in terminal, it usually gives a message as
‚foo‘ is up to date.

Actually, it should have the output like „File ‚foo.o‘ has been successfully created.“ or something like that as far as I know. So, what really happens here?


The command make is relatively complex and in the GNU make manual, it documents all possible actions that can be executed in a makefile.

If no targets are listed, make prints an informative message.
Otherwise, it prints the name of each target and then a colon, followed by the name of each
targets prerequisite, each as a separate line. If a target’s prerequisite is itself a target, they
are printed separated by ;s.

Make also does the same thing in the implicit makefile case.
The command is equivalent to the following shell commands:
(cd list-of-directories ; for d in *; do echo $d; done) | sh

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